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E Cigarette and Vaping Industry Insurance

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E Cigarette and Vaping Industry

Approved Brokers Only

This product is not available to all brokers with a Camberford Underwriting agency.

We will only consider opening this product up to brokers with whom we:

  • have gained comfort regarding their knowledge and specialism within this sector
  • have discussed and agreed a rationale and plan to work together effectively, and also discussed the terms, conditions and exclusions within this product
  • are satisfied compliment our distribution profile within this sector.

Please contact our team if you would like to discuss gaining access to this product. Please do not submit enquiries without our express approval; they will not be prioritised. Where we expressly agree to look at these risks, we will provide you with a link to our enquiry form.

Our risk appetite includes:

  • United Kingdom domiciled companies
  • Professionally risk managed specialist companies
  • Manufacturers or hardware and liquids
  • Wholesalers and Retailers of hardware and liquids

Examples of risk profiles which are OUTSIDE of our appetite:

  • Proposer's / businesses with adverse financial history or current circumstances
  • Poorly risk managed companies
  • Any product without required approvals
  • Products not meeting UK and EU standards

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Our Specialist Team...

Sally Denham
Sally Denham

t. 0208 315 5066
e. sally.denham@camberford.com

Russell Carter
Russell Carter

t. 0208 315 5029
e. russell.carter@camberford.com

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