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Sports and Social Club

Please contact our specialist Leisure team who will be delighted to assist with your enquiry.

The scheme has been established for over 15 years and we continue to strive to provide insurance, and to articulate our knowledge of the risks within this sector, to best assist our brokers and their clients.

Considerations for brokers and their clients may include:

  • Construction of buildings and outbuildings, the contents kept within these and the security features in place.
  • Type of, and measures to secure, grounds maintenance and similar machinery
  • Full range of sports undertaken and the profile of participants
  • Separate provision of certain liability covers by an approved body (for example the FA or RFU)
  • Full nature or activities and services; for example, hire for private functions, dance floors, dj's, door staff etc
  • Risk assessment quality and retention, for example spillages, breakages, steps, stairs/handrails, kitchen safety
  • Cover for sports surfaces (inside or outside), floodlights, pitch covers, goal posts or nets
  • Adequacy of rebuilding costs. This is a key area for broker and customers, with 'average' clauses in mind

Our risk appetite includes:

  • Social Clubs
  • Amateur Sports Clubs; for example cricket, football, tennis, rugby, hockey and bowls
  • Property and business interruption sum insured up to £6,000,000 any one location
  • Minimum premium £500 plus Insurance Premium tax
  • We will consider golf clubs (up to £6,000,000 total sum insured, and excluding any contingency 'hole in 1' or road traffic act cover) - but only where we have expressly prior agreed to consider golf clubs for the broker i.e this is not open to all brokers (due to potential for high volume leading to inefficiency for all involved).

Examples of risk profiles which are OUTSIDE of our appetite:

  • Financially unstable proposers / businesses
  • Highly combustible buildings with large sum insured or in high risk locations
  • Inadequately secured machinery / tools
  • Professional Sports Clubs
  • Charities

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