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Cleaning Industry

Please contact our specialist Cleaning Contractors team who will be delighted to assist with your enquiry.

The scheme has been established for over 25 years and we continue to strive to provide insurance, and to articulate our knowledge of the risks within this sector, to best assist our brokers and their clients.

Considerations for brokers and their clients may include:

  • Profile of locations at which the policyholder works: certain locations can be excluded
  • Full scope of work undertaken. There is a wide range of activities undertaken by cleaners
  • Height work by reach and wash, ladders, cradles etc.
  • Product sales (rights of recourse, country of origin/manufacture, export territories, proprietary branding)
  • Limits (and inner/extension limits) can vary significantly between different Insurers and products
  • Loss of customer’s keys
  • Fidelity bonding (theft by employees)
  • Efficacy and contractual liability
  • Employee Misuse of customer telephones
  • Efficacy cover
  • Environmental clean up costs
  • Damage to property held in trust
  • Treatment cover for property being cleaned.

Our risk appetite includes:

  • Cleaning Contractors
  • Commercial cleaners
  • Domestic cleaners
  • Per capita (one man bands) through to the largest corporate companies
  • Franchise arrangements

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Our Specialist Team...

Mark Bradley
Mark Bradley

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Stephen Hole
Stephen Hole

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Paul Neate
Paul Neate
Head Of Department

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Jason Keen
Jason Keen
Development Manager

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Lisa Ayland
Lisa Ayland

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Jackie Roper
Jackie Roper

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